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What are the steps involved in a drain cleaning service? - USA Big News

What are the steps involved in a drain cleaning service?

Clogged drains do not only cause an inconvenience, if unaddressed for a long time, they can also bring your plumbing system to a halt and damage your property too. While minor clogs could be handled by you to some extent, a seriously clogged drain needs the expertise of a drain cleaning service. 

Professional drain cleaning services can take care of the sludge and garbage that is blocking your drain. The drain cleaners have the required tools and experience to quickly determine the cause of the blockage and solve your home’s drainage problems. Once your drainage system in Sterling Heights has been inspected and cleaned by a drainage cleaning service, it will perform better over the long term. 

Steps involved in a drain cleaning service 

A professional drain cleaner will follow a list of steps to clean your plumbing and drainage system to make it trouble-free for a while. 


A drain cleaning company will ask questions about the kind of plumbing problems you were facing in the recent past. This allows them to quickly locate the root of the problem. You can ask the company for a thorough explanation of the drain cleaning process so that you can aid them in all possible ways. 

Locating the problem  

Before jumping into the actual job, one needs to assess the problems and the condition of the drain. Drain cleaning service experts in Sterling Heights may even use a camera to perform a video inspection to easily find the location of clogs. Drain lines get clogged by the slow accumulation of organic wastes like hair, soap scum, food scraps, and dirt. Hard water is loaded with naturally-occurring minerals. So if your house has a supply of hard water, drain clogs might appear more frequently. Unmaintained plumbing systems may result in tougher clogs. To avoid a situation such as this, you should routinely get your fixtures and drain pipes checked.

Preparing for the work 

Cleaning drains might make the adjoined area dirty. The workers might wear shoe coverings and layout drop cloths to keep your home clean. 

Getting rid of the clog 

There are several ways to get rid of clogs in drain lines. In case of a failure of the usual method of plunging, many drain cleaning service  in Sterling Heights use snaking. An extended thin cord with a pointed attachment at the end is inserted in the drain line to disintegrate a rigid clog. Depending on the length of your drainpipe and the intensity of the clog, snakes could be manual or motor-operated. Hydro-jetting is another powerful drain cleaning method in which water is sprayed at a very high speed. Therefore, any stubborn buildups in the pipes stand no chance against the high-speed water jet. 

If the drain lines have been damaged by the clogs, it is time to call pipe repairing services. 

Benefits of hiring a drain cleaning service 

There’s always a series of benefits when you hire a professional group of people to take care of your drain cleaning duties in Sterling Heights. The five benefits of hiring a drain cleaning service are:

1. Restoration of draining systems:

Drainage water will swiftly pass through the clean pipes, so you don’t have to worry about your drains getting clogged or water-logged for a while. Drain cleaning service experts use the latest tools to conveniently remove blockages. Locating plumbing issues could be a baffling job for the layman. Drain cleaners have the much-needed expertise to quickly locate it and get the job done to prevent future blockages.

2. No more filthy stenches on the premises of your house 

Clogged sewage systems are the factory of the unpleasant odor in your home. If the odor lingers for a long time, it could be harmful to your health. Hire professional drain cleaners to get rid of the filthy stench from your house. 

3. Prevent pipe bursts 

Water flows smoothly in pipes if there are no bumps. A clogged pipe prevents the smooth flow and water builds up in the pipe. If this continues for a long time, drain pipes will degrade at a faster rate and on one fine day, they may burst

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