A complete guide to disconnect switches that will help you understand how they work

Many questions might come to you and remind you when the name disconnect switch is taken. You might have some guesses, but you are never quite sure what a disconnect switch is. How does it work? What is its purpose? Who uses it? 

Disconnect switches are electrical devices that are used to block a particular amount of electrical load that is coming from a substation. This switch is used in case of emergencies. 

Understanding disconnect switches

  • When something goes wrong in a prominent electrical place where many machines are present, the flow of electricity needs to be stopped, and that’s when disconnect switches save the day. Disconnect switches are used for safety purposes to disconnect the electrical equipment from the main power plant in times of need, like when maintenance and repair are needed. 
  • Disconnect switches have different types chosen and bought according to the requirement. Some can be operated automatically, while others need to be operated manually. 
  • People often confuse a circuit breaker and a disconnect switch, but these devices offer different services. 
  • The job of a disconnector switch is much easier than a circuit breaker. All that is required from a switch disconnector is to stop the current flow if the device needs any repair or maintenance. 
  • Whereas a circuit breaker acts like a protective device that helps control the current flow and breaks the current in the circuit in case of emergencies. 
  • The significant difference is that switch disconnectors connect the current flow, whereas circuit breakers act like switching devices. 

How disconnect switches work: The main reason why high voltage disconnect switches are used is that they disconnect the current. 

  • The disconnect switch has many switches that can either be used manually or set automatically by a professional who knows when to activate the disconnect switch. 
  • These switches give clear signs when the current flow increases the average amount already set within the machine. 
  • Other multiple switches are mounted on the disconnect switch that activates themselves with the disconnect switch. 
  • The energy that passes through the disconnect switch is de-energized when the switch is disconnected. These are usually used in big industries where these are crucial because anything can happen at any time, and all safety measures need to be taken beforehand. 
  • Disconnector switches are often connected to earthing switches. Another misconception about disconnector switches is that they are used to make or break currents, but the truth is that they are just current isolators. 

Big businesses and industries need to invest in a disconnector switch to stay on the safe side. These switches are considered the best invention many businesses have taken advantage of. Different types of disconnector switches are available, so it is better to understand which fits your needs best. 

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