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Businesspally allude Tips to make Keywords Work for SEO - USA Big News

Businesspally allude Tips to make Keywords Work for SEO

If you’re into online marketing or content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the verticals you need to grind yourself to achieve success.

Both small, medium and large scale businesses try SEO so they can get seen by prospective customers.

Content is king!  You must have heard that, therefore, you need to write more contents and publish online to target more people that are relevant to your business.

Would you like to know how to write really good SEO article and what you have to consider when it comes to search engine optimization? 

We have summarized the most important points for you to consider in your SEO plan in this article.

Determine your target group

First things first: if you don’t know who you’re writing for, you don’t even have to start, business pally boss reiterates.

Therefore, before the first words end up on paper, the question of the target group should be clarified. The following checklist can help you:

  • Who is my target group?
  • What interests my target group?
  • Where is my target group on the web?
  • What are my competitors doing to reach the target group?

Determining specific buyer personas helps you to empathize even better with your target group, chaktty advised.

Make each SEO Article is unique

An article with good content should be as unique as possible, readable, well formatted and optimize for target keywords.

This also applies to SEO articles. However, it is not about reinventing the wheel, but about clearly emphasizing your own USPs and preparing the associated information more comprehensively than anyone else has done before.

In terms of content, as many questions as possible that readers or potential customers might have during your customer journey or during your decision-making or purchasing process should be answered, according to businesspally magazine.

Please never use the “copy & paste” method: duplicate content, i.e. duplicate content is neither good nor effective., and you can even be penalized by search engines.

 Instead, when writing your SEO article,  authenticity is required – also in language use, write in an interesting tone as fit to your target audience.

The tone of the SEO-optimized text should reflect the target group, but still be open enough to pick up new readers.

This applies primarily when regional dialects appear in the artickes: Outside of Cologne for example, only very few understand what a “Veedel” (district) is, which is why the translation should at least be written in brackets after it.


Avoid Keyword cannibalism in SEO Article

You have determined your target group, found suitable keywords and designed a clear structure for the SEO article. 

Can the text now simply be uploaded? At this point we should take a step back. 

It is essential that the SEO article is not only viewed as a single item, but the website as a whole.

If you run a small site, that is, you have a few hundred of articles or/and you run a very broad website – general niche, you might not have a problem with keyword cannibalism, says Techpally business editor.

Ideally, a focus keyword is assigned at the beginning of each page, but if you have a very big site with thousands of contents or you run a niche or micro niche blog, keyword cannibalism is imminent if you’re not careful.

Anyone who diligently starts writing SEO texts and optimizes them without a structure or plan runs the risk of keyword cannibalism, i.e. a so-called SEO over-optimization.

If many sub-pages of a website are optimized for the same keyword, Google faces the “relevance problem”. So the search engine does not know which page to display.

Will my rankings be negatively impacted if multiple pages rank for the same keyword?

It can happen, according to Techpally.However, it is much more important to know what the reader is looking for.

It’s possible for two pages to target the same keyword, provided they address different objectives.

To avoid encountering this problem in the first place, you should regularly subject your website to a content audit and check which pages can be combined or expanded and which are irrelevant.


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