Which is the Best Demat Account company in India?

As we all know having a Demat account is mandatory to get into stock trading, choosing the best Demat account in India becomes necessary. From the incurring charges to the ease in account usage, there are hundreds of things that determine the overall demat account experience of people. In this article we have listed some best demat account company in india.

Now, when it comes to opening a Demat account, all top brokers in India offer completely support for account opening. Most of them even provide 3-in-1 account which is inclusive of a Demat Account, Trading Account, and bank account. so, you can expect to get all the associated services under one roof. This brings a lot of ease in stock trading. 

So, if you want to open a Demat account to kick off your stock investment journey, here are the top Demat account service providers in the country. 

  1. Zerodha

Zerodha is the first and foremost choice of both new and experienced stock investors in regard to getting a remarkable stock investment experience. It is also known as the harbinger of discount stock broking in India as it was the first that introduced the concept of flat rate brokerage. 

You can choose to open the best Demat account in India with Zerodha is no time. The entire account opening process is very quick and easy. Either you can open the account through the app or get someone collect your verification documents from your home or office. However, it may take a couple of days for the account to activate. 

Account Charges

  • Demat & trading account opening charges – Rs 200
  • Commodity account opening charges – Rs 100
  • Annual maintenance charges – Rs 300 per year


  • Equity Delivery- 0 brokerage
  • Equity Intraday- 0.03% or Rs 20 per transaction whichever is lesser
  • Equity Futures- 0.03% or Rs 20 per transaction whichever is lesser
  • Equity Options- flat Rs 20 per trade

You can expect a hassle-free account opening experience with Zerodha. Whether you are about to start a new stock investment journey or want to upgrade an existing one, Zerodha is undoubtedly a wonderful player of the game. 

Other benefits of Zerodha

  • Brokerage-free Delivery
  • No minimum cap of brokerage per transaction
  • Maximum brokerage charge restricted at Rs 20 regardless of transaction volume
  • Get a margin from 4 to 15 times
  1. Upstox

Upstox is another renowned player in the stock broking sector. Primarily known for its avant-garde technology, it promises a smoother, faster, and easier stock broking experience to the investors. It was previously known as RKSV Securities, a Mumbai-based financial services company. RKSV offers a wide range of services including online stock trading, commodity trading, mutual funds, currency trading and demat account. It is a member of NSE, BSE, NCDEX, MCX, CDSL, and NSDL.

Upstox Account Opening Charges

  • Tading Account Opening Charges                    Rs 249
  • Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Annual)            Rs 0 
  • Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time)            Rs 0 
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee)    Rs 0 (Free)


Brokerage                ₹20 or 2.5% whichever is lesser on Equity Delivery

STT/CTT                    0.1% on both buy & sell

Transaction Charges            NSE: 0.00345% per trade on buy & sell. BSE: charges differ as per the chosen scrip group during the sale

Other Benefits of Upstox

  • One of the first brokerage centres to start discount broking in India
  • Zero Account Opening Charges
  • Next-gen stock trading platforms
  • Completely digital account opening 
  • 0 Brokerage On Mutual Funds and IPOs
  • Personalized news on firms included in the watch lists
  • Seamless IPO application procedure right from their platform

If you look forward to a hassle-free Demat account opening experience, Upstox is undoubtedly a great choice. From the advanced trading platforms to excellent customer services, Upstox has been a prime contender of Zerodha.

  1. 5Paisa

The next on the list of 5Paisa which is one of the best trading app. It is essentially known for its simple charges and the user-friendly layout of both the portal and the 5Paisa mobile app. The stock broking app is backed by the prestigious IIFL Group. IIFL launched 5Paisa to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-growing discount broking landscape through competitive brokerage platform to its clients. Apart from being one of the cheapest brokerage platforms, 5Paisa offers the advantage of zero account opening charges and the option to open a Demat account in a single day. 

Account Opening Charges

Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time)            Rs 0 (Free)

Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Annual Charges)        Rs 0 (Free)

Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time)            Rs 0 (Free)

Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Annual Charges)    Rs 540


Segment    Brokerage             Fee

Monthly Fee (Fixed)            NA

Equity Delivery                Rs 20 per executed order

Equity Intraday                Rs 20 per executed order

Equity Futures                Rs 20 per executed order

Equity Options                Rs 20 per executed order

Currency Futures                Rs 20 per executed order

Currency Options                Rs 20 per executed order

The Conclusion

A Demat account is used to hold securities in digitized form and it holds extreme significance in today’s stock broking industry. Choosing the right demat account company in India is important as this is what determines the forthcoming journey of your stock investments. 

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