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I learn and comprehend the theoretical concepts, but I forget about it until the next morning!” “What am I supposed to do?” Is this a common complaint of yours as well?

How about if we tell you that’s not your fault at all, and it happened to everyone? Yes, there are numerous scientific ideas and explanations for why this occurs. But this isn’t the key idea. We need to figure out how to efficiently study theoretical subjects. We’ve included study ideas in this post to help you recall theoretical subjects for a longer time. 

1.Learn the concepts

No matter if you are learning from how to sell online courses platforms or from textbooks. It’s vital to learn mainwords in theoretical subjects if you want to get good grades, but you must first focus on grasping concepts. Then, once you’ve grasped the concept, you must concentrate on the key words.

  1. Read it out loud

Read aloud everything you’re studying. In theory, this approach is helpful since it makes use of different senses in our bodies. When we learn in our heads, for example, only our optical senses are engaged. However, reading concepts aloud engages both our visual and auditory faculties, and we are also hearing to oneself at the same time. So, the next day when you study, give this strategy a shot.

  1. Jot down things to learn

One of the oldest and most successful tactics in the book. Following the reading of the text. Create a written record of what you’ve learnt by answering questions or taking notes. 

  1. Handwritten Notes

Making notes for each chapter by yourself is a great method to save time. Make notes during class, and jot down any material that has been on your head but that you didn’t have time to take down earlier. After that, rapidly go through your notes. Use these notes to help you revise. It aids in the initial review so that your memory can store the text for a longer period of time.

  1. Revision

When it comes to learning theory subjects, nothing surpasses the staggered revisions method. As previously said, your mind has a tendency for forgetting things quickly. As a result, you’ll need to go over everything again and again to avoid forgetting it.

  1. Make use of visualisation techniques

Correspond concepts to visuals, whether they’re actual or fictional. You can tie things to real-life case studies or create fictional narrative around it, much like in law.

  1. Establish Targets

You can use goals instead of completing a chapter all at once. There will be no obligation on your mind to grasp everything at once. You will feel encouraged after each achievement. You can even give yourself a gift if you reach each or very few goals.

  1. As a form of encouragement, reward yourself.

When you’re learning theory, it’s easy to become bored. Your mind is wandering and refuses to focus on the concept since it is the least interesting thing to accomplish. You might reward yourself in order to inspire and force oneself to focus. For instance, after finishing a lesson, you opt to watch the latest blockbuster movie. Your brain will be encouraged to finish the lesson so you may watch the movie after studying. You can encourage yourself by rewarding yourself with a fun thing.

  1. Participate in assessments

Testing yourself is another method of remembering theory concepts. Take regular tests to see how much you can recall. If you didn’t write accurate and complete answers the first time, go through them again. Solving question papers or mock papers is a wonderful exam preparation tip since it allows you to practise writing and scoring responses while learning.

  1. Make Theory More Fun

Adding amusing or fascinating things to your study list is a clever memory method for studying theory courses. It’s a memorising approach that helps you recall things more easily by connecting them to the enjoyable components you’ve included.

  1. Becoming the part of study group

This strategy resembles the interactive quiz method in certain ways. You can recall the theory topics by connecting to your mates when you hear them again discussing the same topics with different perspectives.

  1. Have a Proper Sitting Position

When you’re worried about how to study theoretical subjects, it’s usually the last thing on your mind. If you haven’t thought about this before, it is important to think about it now, as the pandemic has increased our sitting hours, we are mostly using online courses platforms or other digit devices to complete our work. So considering our posture is very vital to complete the work with maximum efficiency. 


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