The Top 10 Ugly Cartoon Characters of 2022

The TOP Ugly Cartoon Characters 2022 You won’t find anything unusual when you looked at the title. Today, we’ll reveal the 15 most disgusting cartoons that exist in the world of cartoons. Cartoons are a favorite among kids. There are cartoons that are adorable and cute. There are others that are also quite ugly. The world of cartoons has provided many entertainment and laughter not just for children but also to people’s lives as adults.

The Ugly Cartoon Character We’ll Be Talking About Today

First up is SpongeBob SquarePants. This cartoon character has become an icon of American culture. He is the star of his own television series, the movie, and a number of video games. SpongeBob’s popularity is probably due to his lovable and cuddly demeanor. However, the show is also filled with some seriously gross moments. When it comes to SpongeBob, it is difficult to decide which is more grotesque, the show’s plot or the characters themselves. In terms of plot, we have the frequent need to take care of a pet snail called Gary, who we can assume is inbred with a few other snails and is therefore not at all attractive. There are also episodes that revolve around the gross Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob’s boss, who exists solely on a diet of very oily foods. His owner Squidward, the “neighbor” of SpongeBob who is always getting fired from his job, is a guy who obsesses about being beautiful and spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. In terms of the characters themselves, we have SpongeBob’s gross addiction to jellyfish, who are a pretty disgusting critter. Another character who is pretty disgusting is Mr. Krabs’s son, Eugene, who is a little sponge monster in a puddle who is driven solely by the desire to eat other things.


Gumby was one of the most popular American animated characters of the early 20th century. He was created by Art Clokey, and he was initially named “Guppy.” Gumby was a clay animation created using a stop-motion technique. Although Gumby was initially intended to be a clay character, he was soon transformed into an anthropomorphic character in order to appeal to children with his friendly and cuddly nature. Gumby mainly appeared in comic strips. He was then adapted into an animated cartoon series and was voiced by Don Messick. The Gumby comic strips were quite funny. In fact, the humor of Gumby is the very same thing that makes him so disgusting. This is because Gumby is a regular kid who has mediocre looks and nothing remarkable about him. He is also very clumsy and easily makes mistakes. This means that his flaws are exaggerated and he is made to look even more repulsive than he already is.

Garfield the Cat

Garfield is not exactly a cartoon but an animated comic strip created by Jim Davis. The cartoon was first published in 1978 and is still running today. The original cartoon has been turned into an animated series, a video game, and a movie. Garfield’s popularity is mainly due to the fact that he is a lazy cat who is overweight and also kind to others. Although Garfield is very lovable and cuddly, his looks are somehow not something to be admired. His eyes are half-closed and seem to be in a permanent sleepy state, and he has an unkempt appearance that makes him look quite ugly.

Scooby Doo and the rest of the gang

Scooby-Doo is another great example of an animated show that has managed to maintain its popularity for decades. The series was originally created for Hanna-Barbera, and it premiered in 1969. The show is about five young friends who are always in search of the next mystery to solve. The original gang has been modified and updated several times, but the core team has remained the same. This includes Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo. The original characters were quite ugly though, and they have since been “shaggified.” The latest iteration of the cartoon includes cartoon characters who are much more attractive than their original counterparts.

Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants (nope, not kidding)

Patrick Star is SpongeBob’s best friend who is often found singing about his obsession with snack food. Patrick is a huge fan of the unhealthy food he loves, and he is known for his obsession with unhealthy junk food. This is a pretty disgusting trait since his obsession and love for junk food makes him quite ugly. His eyes are half-closed, and he is also very messy and unkempt. Patrick is not only disgusting but also seriously morbid. The character is rather morbid, to say the least, and he often talks about death. He is often found talking about how he wants to die or how he would rather kill himself than live a miserable life. As if he was not repulsive enough, he also has a morbid obsession with the Grim Reaper.

Disney Princesses – Mulan, Ariel and Belle – Are Ugly Too?

Disney is a great source of entertainment and joy for many people. However, the company’s cartoons also seem to be a place for the most repulsive female characters in existence. These Disney princesses are not exactly pretty or attractive. In fact, some of them are downright ugly. The princesses are perhaps the least attractive women in the world, and they are also the ones who have spent a lot of time in front of a makeup mirror. The most repulsive Disney princess is definitely Mulan. Mulan is a character from Disney’s animated movie “Mulan.” The princess is a woman who disguises herself as a man in order to fight in the army. This is one of the most disgusting things a woman can do.

There’s A Robot in This One That’s Just as Ugly As Any Other Robot. Weird.

Next up is the robot, who is just as ugly as anything else out there. Robots are a staple of science fiction, and they are often portrayed as ugly, hideous creatures with lots of sharp edges and teeth. This robot is an example of one of these robots that is just as ugly as any other robot out there. The robot is a character from the sci-fi cartoon, “Black Mirror,” and it is an example of the most repulsive robot in existence. These robots are often programmed to obey all orders given to them, and they are often referred to as “fearbots.” These robots are programmed to make people feel fear, and they are often used for war purposes.

And The Winner Is…

Finally, the winner of this list is the grossest and most disgusting cartoon character of all time. The winner is Garfield’s son, Eugene, who has been promoted to the position of the most disgusting cartoon character in history. His disgusting looks have already been discussed, and now he’s also repulsive because of his morbid nature. Eugene is a sponge monster who loves to eat other things. He also loves to talk about death, and he often jokes about how he wants to be dead. His gross nature means that he is the king of the most disgusting cartoon characters in history.

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