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When Stifler’s Mom first heard about the Heartland Chickens, she knew it was going to change her life. She is a devoted member of the Church of the Heartland and has been for many years. But she had never heard of the organization that provides safe homes and permanent farms for abandoned hens. The name didn’t even occur to her – until now. She visits a few of the sites in Iowa and Nebraska every year. They provide a safe haven and a chance at a better life for thousands of birds who would be left behind if traditional chicken farming practices persisted. Stifler’s Mom knows that not all chicken farms are bad or wrong; in fact, some are great family-run businesses that provide a home for unwanted chickens. A few provide safe havens for abandoned hens and other feathered friends as well as schools and medical facilities to which they are sent from other operations. Her blog, which you can find here , documents her experiences visiting these sites around the world one hen at a time . And when she learns about new ways that these chickens are being used today, she posts them on social media so everyone can see them!

What is Stifler’s Mom?

Stifler’s Mom is a blog about life, love, and laughter. It is written by a single woman who grew up in a working family. She has been a stay-at-home mom for the past 20 years and now works as an administrative assistant. The blog was created to document her experiences at the various rescue and re-homing operations around the world.

A blog about life, love, and laughter

The blog is part of a larger larger family of blogs that are dedicated to helping other families through adoption, foster care, and foster parenting. They are also part of a larger larger blog network of over 650 blogs that are dedicated to helping other families through adoption, foster care, and foster parenting. The network is called The Blog House.

What does Stifler’s Mom do for a living?

Stifler’s Mom does everything in her power to help her family – made up of her and her husband – reach their full potential. She works as an administrative assistant for a local hospital and has volunteered at the local school and with a Habitat for Homeless animals.

How did Stifler’s Mom meet her husband?

Her husband is from Vietnam and they met through mutual friends. They have been married for almost twenty years and have one son together.

Travel tips for the rest of us!

Traveling can be a wonderful way to meet other new friends and make new contacts. It can also be a danger if you are not careful. Make sure you are up-to-date on any local rules and regulations and follow them to the T.

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Wrapping up – Does Stifler’s Mom have an end goal?

Yes, of course! She wants to adopt a chicken and take it to her home in Nebraska so that it can be a member of the family. She wants to give the chicken everything it could ever want and then some. This blog has been very helpful to her and she hopes that it can be helpful to others as well.

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