Reasons you Should get an Apartment for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is a fascinating city with so much to offer. It’s a world leader in trade and a major hub for business. Turkish people are friendly, have a good life, and have delicious food. But there’s more to Istanbul than just its impressive history and food. You should consider renting an apartment in Istanbul for several reasons. 

In this article, we will discuss why you should get an apartment for sale in Istanbul

1- The Growth Potential of Istanbul

The name Istanbul means “capital city”. The city has a long and rich history. It’s the largest metropolis in Europe in terms of population. It’s also the second-largest city in terms of land area. The population of Istanbul increased from 15,400,000 people (in 1990) to 20,388,000 people in 2000. 

Much of this growth is attributed to more than half of the population being under 24 years old. And this age group is experiencing higher growth than any other demographic group throughout history. 

Therefore, this is a substantial growth rate for any city. The high level of urbanization (more than 75% of the population lives in cities) and the overall economic prosperity this country enjoys provide significant opportunities for investors. 

2- The Good Quality of Life

The lifestyle here is great. People who live in this city have more than enough opportunities to enjoy life. Many activities are available, including clubs, restaurants, theaters, and other entertainment venues. The weather is temperate most of the time, and there’s a lot of sunshine during the summer months. Many parks (including those located in yacht clubs) provide people with safe places to relax. 

3- Business Opportunities in Istanbul

Although Turkey is not a developed country yet, it continues to grow very fast due to the increasing number of people starting businesses in this country. Turkish people are active, hardworking, and enterprising. There are many new business opportunities for foreigners in Istanbul. Because of the favorable investment climate in this city, you can become an entrepreneur and expand your business here.

4- New Developments

In recent years, many new developments have been built in Istanbul. These include luxury apartments, complexes, shopping malls, residential towers, and commercial buildings. You can choose to buy or rent one of these properties if you’re interested in living or investing here. This is a market that’s very attractive to investors.

5- Transportation Networks

There are 2 lines (O-1 and O-2) that connect the airport to the city center, as well as to Atatürk International Airport, which has direct flights to many European capitals. There were two lines of the metro that could be reached after 2 hours by Metro. 

6- Infrastructure Potential 

The infrastructure and city planning are impressive in Istanbul. The metro system is truly amazing and provides the people of this city with great convenience. Many highways, pedestrian bridges, and subways connect the important locations throughout this metropolis. The roads are wide, and traffic flows smoothly most of the time. 

7- Entertainment, Tourism, and Historical Options 

Istanbul has a large number of historical monuments and museums frequented by scholars and tourists. The square “Taksim”, built at Hippodrome and Galata Bulvar, is an exquisite example of Ottoman architecture. There are also numerous shopping centers and entertainment venues that cater to both the locals and tourists. You can get an apartment for sale in Istanbul and spend your time exploring this city’s rich culture, history, architecture, and entertainment options.

8- The Amazing Cuisine in Istanbul 

The food in Istanbul is amazing! Turkish people enjoy eating a variety of foods that local chefs prepare. Turkish cuisine is very diverse because people from various regions live here. Turkish people enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The most popular Turkish dishes are known as cevap and kebab. 

There are many different meat and chicken delicacies in Istanbul, with more than 100 types of lamb, beef, fish, and chicken on the menu. Turkish people also enjoy eating soups and many other types of foods. 

9- Local Property Markets

Istanbul has a property market that’s far more developed than most European cities. The number of people buying and selling property in this country is fairly high. The demand for housing in Istanbul is constantly growing. Many foreign investors have been purchasing properties here for years now.

10- Low Housing Prices

The housing price in Istanbul is less high than in other major European cities. You can get an apartment for sale in Istanbul that’s priced at around $1,000,000, and you will also get free electricity and water. This is a good deal for anyone who wants to buy an apartment in Istanbul. 

Final Thoughts 

So, here you find a lot of reasons to get an apartment for sale in Istanbul. In a nutshell, Istanbul, Turkey, is an amazing place to buy an apartment and live there as they have very affordable pricing and many benefits. Moreover, to get the property for sale in Istanbul, get in touch with Homes and beyond to get the best real estate services

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