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Is Charles Sobhraj Married Today? Who is Nihita Biswas?

The story is based on real-life incidents ‘ The Serpent is a crime-drama series that focuses on the search of Charles Sobhraj, who, in the past few decades was among the most sought-after criminals in Asia. The French conman, thief and murderer, with his associates, would befriend the drug-dealing and murder young travellers along the Hippie Trail in Southeast Asia in the mid-1970s. Although he was arrested in the past the time, he was not apprehended to be a fugitive until 2003. The eight-part film is exploring the various aspects of Charles’s personal life, but we’re betting that you’re wondering who he’s currently in a relationship with now, right? We’ve got the details.

Who is Charles Sobhraj’s Wife?

After Charles Sobhraj and his first wife, Chantal Compagnon (renamed in the show as Juliette Voclain) divorced and he found a companion who was Nepalese local Nihita Biswas. In 2008, as Charles was already in prison, Nihita walked into prison when a friend of the pair informed him that he was searching for an interpreter to assist his lawyer. Even though the lawyer was gone when the young woman of 20 arrived, she created enough impressions that Charles became a fan immediately. According to the interview Nihita provided to Times of India, he began to find methods to be with his girlfriend.

“[Charles] pretended to have another assignment for me,” Nihita stated. “He handed me a massive shopping list. It consisted of mostly canned items.” This is how their relationship began. Despite being in the midst of correctional officers and having no some time alone they formed an irreparable relationship. After three months they tied the knot. Nihita whom is 44 older than Charles has said that having talks with him were simple.

All she needs to do she stated all she has to do is look at the eyes of his husband and then read his lips to understand what he’s really thinking about. The couple got married in October 2008 at Central Jail. In spite of that it is important to note this: Nepalese officials have now stated that there was no wedding ceremony held between the two people as they attribute the celebration at the jail to a local holiday. To today, the two remain in love.

Where is Nihita Biswas Now?

When they announced their wedding, Charles boasted that he’d travel with Nihita on a trip to Paris, France, and purchase them the most extravagant marriage and engagement rings once his release from prison. Evidently, this hasn’t happened yet. However, it doesn’t appear that Nihita has lost hope of her husband being cleared in the near future, especially when her mom, Shakuntala Thapa who is also his attorney. “I don’t know what he was,” Nihita once stated. “What He is today is crucial. He is a decent man. I’ve witnessed how he takes care of his family. We have a great relationship.”

She also stated that she believes that he’s innocent because there is no evidence to prove him guilty. Although Nihita typically stays away from the spotlight In 2011 she appeared in India’s version of Big Brother’ and “Bigg Boss,” and said she’s proud of having Charles Sobhraj as her husband. Nihita was the first contestant to be who was ejected. Charles his wife and mother-in-law acknowledge that he’s famous, but it is only because of his skills in escaping prison and not for murder. According to what we have learned, Nihita currently resides in Lalitpur, Nepal.

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