How can students find ways to solve their doubts in a creative manner?

We are aware that most often than not doubts arise when there is a gap between the knowledge they already have and the knowledge they just acquired. Simply put, we can see that doubts happen when they do not have enough information about a concept. We have seen that doubts are good and that they propel students towards academic excellence as well. But we know that holding on to them is not the right approach as well. We see that students should try to get their doubts resolved instantly so they can move on to more complex aspects of a topic as well as keep up with the pace at school. The attendance management system can be put to use in such a case. We see that to ask questions, they will have to step out of their comfort zone as well. They must remember to be bold and must not hesitate. We see that often students hesitate to ask doubts in class because they fear being judged and being laughed at by peers. They need to understand that the more questions they ask, the more they will learn as well. We see that in such a case nothing should deter them from getting their doubts cleared on time as well. Sometimes we see that it’s not possible to get doubts cleared instantly as well. We see that under such circumstances, they should note down the questions. We are aware that writing down doubts gives students a better clarity of their questions as well as they will also be able to articulate them better when they ask a teacher the same question later. Once they have noted down their doubts, they must discuss them with friends as well as classmates what doubts they have. They must make sure to encourage them to ask questions and doubts too at the same time. We are aware that learning is better when students are active participants in the learning process as well. Whenever they get a question, they should immediately ask their teacher to help them understand the concept better. If that is not possible, they must ask a parent, a peer, or maybe refer to their textbooks or learning material. Alternatively, we see that they can find out answers to questions from subject experts online as well. We know that whatever path they choose, they must make sure they do it immediately. We are aware that delaying doubt resolution will either make them forget it altogether or they will lose the motivation to find the answer as well. We are aware that it’s always a good idea to refer to multiple sources to get doubts clarified as well. They can ask teachers, friends, and parents, on the one hand, as well as useful books and doubt-solving apps on the other. We know that when they are referring to more than one source of information gives them a deeper understanding of a concept as well. Sometimes, we see that students simply ignore their queries due to their carefree approach, and hence, we see that do not raise their doubts to teachers. We are aware that this impacts their studies too as they do not learn properly as well as consequently, their performance suffers in the subjects.

We know that schools arrange the extra classes for weak students or for extra help students. We see that students must take this opportunity to clarify their problems about the subjects. We know that if they have worked on an assignment as well as want it to be checked for some specific part, then they must ask their teachers as early as possible as delaying the problem will lead to delaying the project/assignment and their teacher may not help them at the last moment as well.  We see that if they have missed a particular lesson when they were absent from school/class then they can ask their classmates for the notes and for more clarity, discuss with the concerned teachers as well. The use of School ERP can be beneficial as well to help students get better clarity and resolve their doubts. 

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