Do the web design of the online store in Prestashop.

You can easily find countless templates and themes that adapt to your type of business on the Internet more efficiently. Some are free, and others are Premium (paid) for better customization.

When designing your online store in Prestashop, you can also access add-ons to make your site more complete, whether from PrestaShop or other sites and web developers.

We recommend that you always choose a theme created by PrestaShop to avoid compatibility problems. In these themes, you have great freedom because you can change colors, images, fonts, and structure in general until you achieve a custom design for the web page.

Prepare and upload all product content.

You should know that although it is a platform that will make the web design and development, and programming process much easier for you, there are things that you must do manually, such as organizing your catalogs and products. That is why you must upload all the elements that PrestaShop needs to upload data and synchronize it with the online store.

You will probably have to specify codes, prices, sizes, technical data, and much more within the requested information. The more detail you want, the more information you provide to the platform.

Install the available payment methods

When you finish creating your products and the store’s design, you must configure the payment method that suits you best. For this, you have the option of Payments – Payment methods. There you can add the method that best suits you.

You may need to install a plugin to make an actual payment without complications. You can add or remove different gateways. Just go to the menu and change them according to what works best for you. This is essential when knowing how to make the web in PrestaShop since it is the way you have to enjoy the services and functions that the platform offers you in your electronic commerce.

Configure the location and taxes

This is one of the final parts of your configuration and one that you cannot ignore. If you are thinking of having an international store, you need to know the location conditions. You can go to “International Panel> Location” to achieve this.

In this part, you can configure the country you want, the type of currency, the units, the language, and all the corresponding settings. The good thing is that you can choose the place according to where you want to attend.

Select the possible shipping methods

Now, another of the steps to make a web page in PrestaShop is choosing the service that will be in charge of delivering your products or services. It is essential that this service also includes the return service if necessary.

During the setup of this step, you can also link shipping and inventory management software to automate the process and make it easier.

Check your eCommerce Prestashop and publish the web.

You should pay attention because, on the platform, you will find several settings that would be interesting to review, so you should focus on those that suit you best.

Within those settings, you need to set the store parameters. The security terms, categories, screens, maintenance, and everything necessary for its performance.

You must also make settings in the payment and shipping system and the purchase options offered to your potential customers. At the same time, we invite you to pay attention to the configuration of the product you offer, from its description, display, and everything related to the existence on the page.

Do not neglect the clients and how they can contact you and traffic and SEO, taking care that the content on the page is consistent with user searches.

Likewise, you must configure the search system, use precise words and labels, and the elements that give it a commercial touch. Other aspects that you can configure and give you better performance are the email configuration, the team that makes up your page, among others.

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