Building a Reading Habit

All the parents in the whole world want their kids to be interested in reading and they never want them to stay away from books and that tis why they make them read as much as they can and same thing is done by tutors because both of them know that knowledge is the greatest treasure and power of the world. Once a scholar said that knowledge is the greatest power and the one who keeps on reading his or her whole attains the greatest power on earth and that is knowledge. The one who is in the habit of reading on a continuous basis has a deeper understanding of society, people and knowledge of everything which is there in the world. The most important thing is that the vocabulary of such people is huge and so, they are able to express themselves very clearly and can communicate with everyone very easily and in an effective manner. These qualities make a person a true citizen too because they have knowledge which makes them responsible for their responsibilities towards family, peers, society and country and they also contribute by being awakened to their duties. Even the best school management software of any school can state that reading habits are very necessary for the growth of a child as a student. According to the best school management software ,reading habits bring wisdom to the children’s mind and they become socially and mentally advanced.

Institute ERP says that it is not necessary that one should read books only related to his profession and work. If any individual is hungry for knowledge and information then he or she must read books related to various fields. For example, one can read books or ayurveda and homeopathic if he wants to have medical knowledge and first aid, history books to enhance his knowledge for historical events, English books to improve his spoken English, farmers can learn new techniques of farming by reading the books written by agricultural scientists, by reading geography one can get knowledge of geographical data of earth, reading management books provide knowledge of the strategies and policies to manage an organization, reading newspapers makes you aware about what’s happening around you, Reading mythological books enhance you religious knowledge and cleanse your mind and  heart too. As Institute ERP states there are several benefits of reading to the students. When we read a book or a novel then we have to remember the name of characters and incidents and also, we keep immersing ourselves in the book. This practice makes a mind strong because this is a kind of mental exercise. This is a process which is actually a workout for the brain and its functions. Apart from TV and movies and other entertainments, reading books or simply reading is a special kind of entertainment because one enjoys reading word by word and page by page. Also it is very exciting to wait for the next page to reveal something new about the topic you are reading about. Reading is that awesome practice which increases the ability of a person to concentrate and focus. It is so because reading is that process which cannot be completed without focus. People use various new electronic mediums to learn and read but concentration is something which can be attained by reading books only.

There are three ways if parents want their children to participate in reading- first is parents should keep reading stories and books to the students and they keep on listening the knowledgeable things for their parents and the second is that parent and children can shuffle their turns with each other paragraph wise and this can be real fun for the both of them and the third one is parents should guide only the students and listen to them reading the stories poems etc. This is the perfect method to make the child understand how far he or she can read or write without parents’ help. Reading enhances vocabulary power because reading books, journals, articles and magazines give you so many words, old words, new words, artistic words and easy words that one has no lack of vocabulary. Learning grammar of any language is very easy but what makes learning a language difficult is the lack of vocabulary which can be improved only by reading.


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