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7 Top Benefits of Using Teslin Substrate for Laminated Plastic Cards

Today, laminated plastic cards and key tags have become a part of daily life in most regions of the world. They come with colorful graphics and bar codes that can be used as membership, loyalty, library, and insurance cards. For a more advanced or secured financial and identity application, they can be equipped with magnetic strips or integrated circuits to function like smart cards.

Regardless of how sophisticated the usage purpose is, Teslin substrate provides a superior-quality synthetic paper solution that brings in the following benefits:

  • Increases the strength of lamination to secure data more efficiently and extend the card’s service life
  • Protection of data and print through locked-in toners and ink
  • Electronics protection through advanced cushioning
  • Compatibility with platen or roll-lamination for processing flexibility
  • Flexibility in printing through multiple print technologies
  • Finish flexibility in terms of sizes, shapes, and forms

Teslin is a highly versatile material available in several grades and formulations to fulfill different performance demands. So without any further ado, let’s check out some of the outstanding benefits of using Teslin substrate in plastic cards.

  1. Strengthens the Lamination

Teslin plastic cards are processed by heating the laminate to melting temperatures which then flows into the pores of Teslin substrate’s polyolefin-silica matrix. This ends up in creating a powerful mechanical bond that is 10 times stronger than many other synthetic materials. It helps in securing the data and extending its service life by making the material resilient to delamination.

  1. Protection of Print and Data

Teslin substrate is more abrasion-resistant than vinyl and polypropylene. Unlike other synthetic materials that allow the scratching off and abrasion of the print, Teslinsubstrate’s polyolefin-silica matrix creates a microporous material that helps in absorbing and locking in the toners, ink, and adhesives into its structure. Thus, Teslin plastic cards are capable of protecting critical print data including photography and graphics.

  1. Electronics Protection

Printed Teslin not only provides plastic durability but also flexes, cushions, increases productivity in die-cutting, and dissipates static for the protection of the magnetic strips and embedded electronics that include integrated circuits, computer chips, and radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs).

  1. Compatibility with Platen and Roll-Lamination

Teslin plastic cards involve much cheaper processing costs as Teslin substrate can be roll-laminated for huge volumes of sheet printing. This lowers the total processing cost as compared to other synthetic materials that require individual printing of the cards through platen lamination.

  1. Flexibility of Print

One of the major benefits of using Teslin substrate for making plastic cards is that it is compatible with a wide range of print technologies. Also, it goes well with offset, digital, and laser printing without using any special ink. While other synthetic materials get melted in high temperatures, Teslin substrate easily accommodates laser-based printing customized according to various print applications. This is why Teslin substrate functions brilliantly for centralized or fixed printing operations. Not only this, but it also works fine for decentralized variables and on-demand printing.

  1. Finish Flexibility

As Teslin substrate is capable of withstanding flexing stress better than other synthetic materials, it can be easily die-cut into customized shapes, sizes, and smaller forms to achieve branding-related designs or specialized scanning equipment.

  1. Brand Management

Today, plastic cards are no more premium. Laminated Teslin plastic cards represent a premium brand in the marketplace just as well if not better than a card made out of other synthetic materials. Teslin substrate allows the cards to be printed with high-quality traditional or digital prints. Equipped with full-color, it adds crispness to the cards, thus making it an easy match to the brand PMS colors.


Now that you know that there are several benefits of using Teslin plastic cards beyond cost savings, make sure to determine what is most important for your brand. However, always purchase these cards from a reliable and trusted card printing company to ensure the quality and durability of the cards.

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