4 Best Places to Set up Billboards in Nebraska

Billboards are an excellent out-of-the-home advertising method that increases brand awareness, garners word of mouth, and broadcasts businesses. Located in high-traffic areas, billboards give brands a high number of views, also known as impressions. This metric is essential in helping brands get their name in front of their target audience. 

If you’re advertising to a demographic in Nebraska, you want to find the best locations in the cornhusker state that deliver an effective campaign. From Omaha billboards to Grand Island billboards, learn the 4 best locations to set up your next billboard advertisement in Nebraska.

Omaha Billboards

With the highest population in Nebraska, Omaha is known for its museums, cultural attractions, and pioneer history. There are also a handful of exceptional colleges in the city. Home to nearly half a million people, Omaha attracts nearly 13 million people in tourism each year, making Omaha billboards a strategic option for businesses. 

The most popular attraction in Omaha, and the state of Nebraska, is Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Zoos and aquariums are rarely the most popular attraction in any city or state, but this spot is the exception. This attraction is a 160-acre facility that features the world’s largest indoor desert, the largest indoor jungle, and the largest nocturnal exhibit. An Omaha billboard for your company in the vicinity of this location or on the route to the destination would prove beneficial in increasing your brand awareness.

Some other popular attractions in Omaha include Old Market in Omaha, for its historic cobblestone streets and 19th-century buildings, Durham Museum, Joslyn Art Museum, and Lauritzen Gardens.

Lincoln Billboards

The capital of Nebraska, Lincoln houses the second highest population in the cornhusker state. Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska and many historical Nebraska landmarks and attractions. Haymarket District is one of the most popular attractions for natives and tourists. The location features restored historical buildings and a lively atmosphere of shopping and restaurants for people to enjoy. 

Lincoln features museums to interest a variety of people. The University of Nebraska State Museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate that houses the world’s largest articulated mammoth as well as a unique exhibit of fossilized elephants. For fans of historical cars, the Museum of American Speed features 135,000 square feet of exhibition space. Other museums include the Sheldon Museum of Art, the Lincoln Children’s Museum, and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. If your target demographic has a keen interest in the arts, Lincoln billboards are a great option for you.

Bellevue Billboards

Bellevue, Nebraska is a suburb of Omaha and could be a fantastic option if you’re looking to target natives or tourists who may be traveling to the state’s largest city. Bellevue is the oldest continuous city in the state and features plenty of nature attractions for those looking to enjoy the beauty of Nebraska. If Omaha billboards are high on your list of advertising options, locating a billboard in Bellevue is a great strategy to capture a similar target audience. 

Grand Island Billboards

One of the reasons tourists flock to Nebraska is for the state’s natural beauty. Located in the Sandhills region, Grand Island is a popular city for hikers and campers to visit when they’re looking for a bit of Nebraska’s nature. A popular adventure for natives and tourists to embark on is a scenic drive through the Sandhills region which is actually considered one of the most scenic drives in the United States.

The scenic drive takes a 272-mile route through an array of natural and man-made sights, including the quirky Carhengewhich is another popular attraction in the state. Most visitors will start the drive in Grand Island and subsequently end in Alliance, NE. If your target audience is the type of people that enjoys such an adventure, a billboard in or near Grand Island is a perfect option. 


Nebraska boasts a wonderfully natural and artistic array of attractions. The location may seem rather a niche but it could be exactly the location you need to help your brand build the awareness it needs to grow. Often finding just the right people to advertise to is exactly what you need to find exceptional success in your advertising campaigns. 

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